Wrist Support With Utensil Holder 

These wrist supports are designed to make mealtime easier for people with weak grip or limited mobility like myself who have difficulty holding silverware. 


I use this to hold my utensils when I eat, or my paintbrush when I paint. Unlike the Universal Feeding Cuff, this cuff wraps around both the palm and wrist with a rigid support along the back of the hand to provide greater stability. For me this cuff is necessary whenever I need to hold anything heavier than a pen or stylus. 

  • Wrist splint with pocket for holding utensils, including spoons and forks, to assist with eating and holding objects

  • Leather covered metal hand splint provides protection and maintains stabilization at a fixed angle while still being comfortable and durable

  • Secure hook and loop closure ensures it is stays place on your wrist during activity to prevent any movement that might damage your wrist further, leading to a more efficient recovery

  • Aids people who struggle with gripping small objects, such as those recovering from hand or wrist injuries or surgery

  • Assistive independent daily living device for those with carpal tunnel or people recovering from strokes, including the elderly and disabled

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