• Includes one box of three ThermaCare Heatwraps Advanced Neck Pain Therapy Neck, Wrist & Shoulder air activated Heatwraps

  • Designed with your body’s contours in mind to stay in place and adapt to your movements and are thin enough to be worn discreetly under clothing

  • Heat cell placement stays close to your skin, providing heat where you need it

  • Provides up to 16 hours of pain relief (8 hours while you wear it, 8 hours after you take it off)

  • Large adhesive area allows easy re-adjustment

ThermaCare Heatwraps (3 Pack)

Having metal and screws in my neck and nerve pain at times causes for some intense pain. These neck, wrist & shoulder HeatWraps are designed to conform to your neck and shoulder so you can experience long-lasting heat relief throughout your day. Plus I’m always cold so this helps to keep me warm, especially in the fall and winter months. 


Patented heat cells penetrate deep into tissue, increasing blood flow to stop pain and accelerate healing. Single-use wraps can be applied to sore muscles and joint areas of your neck, shoulder, upper back and wrist. Provides heat therapy for temporary relief of minor muscular and joint aches and pains. 


**Use As Directed**

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