• Plastic guard clips to edge of plate to prevent food from sliding off dish, helps reduce kitchen mess after eating, suitable for young children, the elderly, disabled & handicapped

  • Polyethylene plastic is lightweight & easy to clean, diameter of guard is 9-11" & height is 1-1/8", plate guard will fit any regular dinner plate

  • Dishwasher safe up to 180°F for easy cleaning

  • Adaptive eating aid, caregiver feeding tool, suitable for toddlers, infants, young children, seniors & those with disabilities

  • Non-latex

Plastic Plate Guard

This is another product I use daily. This plastic plate guard easily attaches to a standard plate for assisted eating for those who struggle to eat independently. 


Once the plate guard is attached it acts as a barrier to prevent food from slipping or sliding off the plate and can be used as a trap to scoop food onto utensils. The easy-to-use plate guard is a simple eating aid device that is perfect for anyone who needs assistance when eating.

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